Revitalize your daily commute with our premium car freshie collection. Elevate your driving experience with our range of long-lasting automotive scents, designed to eliminate odors and infuse your vehicle with refreshing fragrances. Explore our selection of innovative car vent fresheners, ensuring a delightful and lasting aroma that complements your style. Find the perfect solution to keep your car smelling fresh and inviting, transforming every ride into a pleasurable journey!

- Items are handmade, there may be small imperfections or slight differences. Each piece is hand painted. 
-Screen settings may cause products to look a slightly different color in person. Neon colors, and regular colors are not the same! Pink and Neon Pink are not the same.
- Do not leave freshies on surfaces or in temps over 100 degrees they can possibly adhere to the surface, and oil may stain.
-If parking in the sun/heat for a long period of time move freshie to blinker knob or put back in the bag and keep out of the sun. This can also "recharge" your freshie a bit.
- Keep freshies out of reach of children and pets!
- Freshies normally last anywhere from 3-6 weeks sometimes longer. Size of freshie, vehicle, and temperature in vehicle play a part in how long the scent may last. take extra precautions in making sure freshies are stored appropriately.  

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Handmade Item 

Materials: aroma beads, fragrance oil, glitter, eye hook, bead, mica powder

Made in United States